Thursday, October 3, 2013

C: Cake Topper

Cake Topper: A small model that sits on top of the Wedding Cake, normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire.

Cake Toppers hit the Wedding Scene in the 1950's.  They instantly became a staple of most American receptions.  Originally most toppers were a caucasian male and female.  The male would be dressed in a black tuxedo beside the female in a long white dress with a veil. As time progressed the Cake Topper Industry caught up with the diversity that exists within real couples.  The next wave diversified to represent bi-racial couples, same sex couples, diffent attire and positions.  The latest and greatest trend has left people behind all together.   Options now range from words to flags to animals and beyond.  It's become a classic custom with a fun customizable twist. Check out our favorites!


Customized Acorn Wedding Cake Topper clay folk art

Acorns by 

Woodland Bear Cake Topper

Bears by 

Crab Wedding cake topper-Beach themed wedding-Wedding Cake Topper

Crabs by 

Buck and doe wedding cake topper-Deer hunting wedding cake topper-hunting-country western-deer-wedding cake topper

Deer by 

Custom Made Elephant Wedding Cake Topper

Elephants by 

flag garland cake topper- baby girl

Flags by 

Cake Toppers - Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake Toppers

Game Characters by 

Custom Heart Wedding Cake Topper in Gold

Heart by 

Wedding Cake Toppers Shaped in YOUR State with YOUR Initials and Wedding Date - 3 Piece Set Includes Ampersand with Wedding Date

Initials in States by 

Jeep Wedding Cake Topper

Jeep by 

The Original - Custom Wedding Cake toppers Scottish Peg Doll Goose Grease with Kilt- wooden dolls

Kilted Groom by 

Lego Inspired Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Lego Couple by 

MOOSE pair of MOOSES  super cute Moose great for Cake topper, Decoration, moose collectors get your MOOSES today by PaperDawgs

Moose by 

Wedding Cake Topper - NY Rangers and NY Yankees

New York Sports Fans by 

Owl Wedding Cake Topper,  Wedding Cake Topper, Lovebird Cake Topper, Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

Owls by 

Wedding cake topper...always forever pumpkins and fabric LOVE banner included ... package deal

Pumpkins by 

Large Rhinestone Crystal Monogram Letter  Q  Wedding Cake Topper 5 inches high

Q Glitzy Letter by 

Robot Wedding Cake Topper Elegant Space Princess Bride Groom Top Hat Tails Wood Steampunk Statues

Robots by 

Starfish wedding cake topper

Starfish by 

T-Rex by 

Wedding Cake Topper - Under An Umbrella

Under Umbrella Kiss by Plasticsmith

Vintage / Wedding Cake Topper / Bride and Groom

Vintage Cake Topper by 

Custom Silhouette Cake Topper make from wood with His and Hers Silhouettes created from your pictures

Wooden Silhouettes by 

Xbox Cake Toppers, Party Decorations, Centerpieces, Scrapbook, Shadowbox

Xbox Controllers by 

Pennyweight Bride and Groom

Yarn People by 

CUSTOM OOAK Zombie Wedding Cake Topper - Made to look like you

Zombies by 

 *The Bridal Encyclopedia Tip of the Day*

        If you are low on money do not skip having a Cake Topper, just get creative. 

 Take a relaxing afternoon with your fiance and get in touch with nature.  Investigate the woods or beach and see what hidden gems you can discover.  

Great no cost toppers to keep an eye out for are Acorns, Seashells and Wild Flowers.

If you had to pick a Cake Topper from our A-Z favorites which would you choose?


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