Friday, October 4, 2013

D: Dream Board

Dream Board: A collection of pictures, patterns, colors and ideas that serve to inspire a desired outcome.


1. Pinterest or Paper

Choose your medium, I personally enjoy using both!

Pinterest- This online Cork Board of amazing ideas is virtually known by all.  It is the honeypot for DIY Project, Fashion Do's and .  This choice is great for tech savvy couples and those with constant internet access.

Paper- Gather magazines, fabric swatches, colors and more that you love and glue them to poster boards.  This choice works great for hands on couples that enjoy arts and crafts.

2. Divide Vendor Categories

Make a separate board (physically or electronically) for each of the following topics:

Beauty: Hairstyles, Nails, Makeup 

Decor: Centerpieces, Table Numbers, Floral Arrangements, Bouquet Ideas, Table Cloth Colors, Plating, Escort Cards 

Food: Appetizer Ideas, Serving Styles, Cakes, Treats, Cocktails, Signature Drinks 

Photography: Include shots you love and would like to have photographed. Items, Rings, Getting Ready Poses, Body Parts, Special Locations

(This will be the first draft of your "Shot List")

Attire: Wedding Dress, Shoes, Jewelry, Headpieces, Groomsmen Attire, Bridesmaids Dresses, Flowergirl Outfit, Ring Bearer Outfit, Mother of the Bride

3. Get Creative

Let yourself go crazy adding anything that catches your eye.  Don't edit yourself yet.  Maybe you will realize you are leaning toward a certain color pallet, shape or medium that keeps popping up in different places.

4. Share Your Ideas

 Utilize what you have discovered by sharing with vendors.  If you have your ideas online email them to the vendor at least 3 days before you meet with them.  If they are on poster board don't be shy to bring them along.  Hairdressers, Florist, Photographers and all other vendors only want to please you.  They readily welcome ideas and gentle pushes in the right direction.


Check out our Sister Company YOUR LAST HURRAH on Pinterest

*The Bridal Encyclopedia Tip of the Day*

Don't want to spend a bundle on material for your handmade board?  Get together a small budget (we suggest $10) then check out places such as:

Dollar Bookstore 


Free Section on Craigslist

Recycle or Upcycle Shop

Keep an eye out for Travel, DIY, Gardening, Food, Fashion & Gossip Magazines. 

Have you ever made a Dream Board? Loved it? Hated it?  Share your feedback!


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