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E: Electrical Plug

Electrical Plug: receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices 

The most beautiful venues are frequently Outdoors or Historic, both being limited on Electrical Outlets.  Even though this may seem a moot detail now it is much easier to pre-plan around this than freaking out on the day of.  By taking tips from these common electrical issues it will make your big day even more stress free!

4 Wedding Day Plug Problems to fix before they even happen:

Plug Problem #1

 We have a polite cat fight between 8 Bridesmaids, 2 Flowergirls and 1  Professional Hairstylist all trying to use the same plug!  

Communicate with your Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Bridal Party to find out their electrical needs.  You should view the Bridal Suite in advance and know what is available to work with.

The most common things to account for are:

 Blow Driers
Curling Irons 
Straightening Irons
Clothing Irons
 Air Brush Machines

If there are not enough plugs to satisfy everyone then relocate certain getting ready activities to accommodate everyone. For example relocate hair styling to a nearby home or beauty salon but still have makeup and dressing done in the Bridal Suite.  

Plug Problem #2

 My fiance is actually pouring his heart out with beautiful vows and the microphone is not plugged in!

The Altar is normally in the middle of the Venue and not always right beside a wall, meaning most of the time anything needing power will require an extension cord. While you are addressing these power needs don't forget to make a plan for exactly where the cords will lay on the ground and how they will be secured.  It is always best to ask the person providing the Microphone for a cordless to avoid any possibility of tripping!

Plug Problem #3

 Aunt Sue just fell over the Chocolate Fountain cord and is covered in Hersheys!

 It is very important for you to check with your Caterer to make sure if they need any plugs.  Many times the buffet tables are arranged for guests to walk down each side.  This will not work if there is a cord needed for a Fondue Tower, Chocolate Fountain, Cotton Candy Machine, Popcorn Popper or any other device. If anything like this is on the Buffet then opt for a one sided line.  

Plug Problem #4

 The Plug the DJ needs for the Computer to play the Slideshow is already being used for the Speakers!

 The DJ will most likely need the most power because most DJs are in charge of the Music, Speakers, Slideshow, Light Show and Strobe Lights.  This automatically means he or she will need the most plugs. 
The DJ should ideally do a Location Walk Through at least two weeks previous to the big day if they have not preformed in this venue previously.  Clarify who is supplying whatever extras needed such as extension cords or adapters and make sure that information is documented.

Plug Problem #5

 The reception begins and everyone's phone is dead and camera needs to be charged!

 The Wedding Party and Family are so excited they will forget to charge their devices.  Instead of scrambling the day of encourage them to be proactive.  The night before at the Rehearsal make a quick mention to plug in all cameras, video recorders and phones before going to bed so they will be ready to roll first thing in the morning.  You would hate to miss a memory because of a low battery!

These are hypothetical scenarios but by using the solutions we give you can better prepare for everyone to be "PLUGGED IN" on your Big Day.

*The Bridal Encyclopedia Tip of the Day*

DO NOT add a power strip with extra outlets to one plug without permission from the Venue.  You may accidentally cause the circuit to overload or even cause a fire.  We want the Bride to be the only thing smoking on your Wedding Day:)

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