Sunday, November 24, 2013

L is for Leopard Print

It is quite ironic that the Leopard wears his spots to blend into nature, while we wear them as a way to stand out.  Prehistoric Cavemen started the trend by rocking a pelt and it has never really gone out of style since. This pattern has been adorned by many;  from Betty Paige to  Marilyn Monroe, from JLO to Rhianna, from The Kardashians to Kate Middleton, there are few fashionistas that don't rock this fierce pattern.  (Check out The Quantum Biologist for an entertaining and interesting historic explanation).  As much as I love Leopard, I highly recommend using it with caution.  The key to keeping it classy is moderation.  Use this pattern as a Wow Factor.  A detail here and an accent there gives you just the right amount of sass.  Leopard Print walks a fine line between stylish and tacky.  To help you get a clear idea of how to incorporate Leopard into your wedding I have put together...

19 Leopard Print Touches that will make you PURRR:

1. Invitations by 
Will you be my bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Flower girl (Leopard Design)
It's so important to tie in your theme, color scheme and formality from the git-go to set the flow for the whole event.

2. Cocktail Hat by 
Leopard Print Cherry Topping Fascinator
This unique hair piece gives a vintage statement for a kitchy Bride!

3. Bridesmaid's Dresses by 
Leopard Rock 'n Roll Rockabilly Bridesmaid Dress
These dresses will draw serious attention to your Bridal Party!  
Pair simple hair, minimal jewelry and solid pumps to tame down this loud outfit.

4. Bow Tie by 
mens bow tie leopard print - leopard bow tie - print bow tie - animal print - leopard print
Get the Groom into the theme with this funky Bow Tie. 
If each of you wear one leopard item it will unify the color scheme without leaning toward tacky.

5. Flask by 
Leopard Print Girl Gift Stainless Steel 4 ounce Hip Flask
Have this fun flask in the Groom's dressing room with his favorite whiskey inside.  No matter how excited he is to marry you, 
a little liquid courage out of a Leopard Flask is sure to make him smile.

6. Leopard Ribbon by 
1.5" Leopard Print Grosgrain Ribbon
Give this ribbon to your florist to bind around the Bride's and Bridesmaid's Bouquets.

8. Edible Butterfly's by 
Wedding Cakes can be very pricey.  
Save a few bucks by ordering a plain white cake and adding these fun Butterflies.

8. Cupcake Toppers by 
Leopard and Pink Cupcake Toppers
Lots of people are throwing out the cake all together and having cupcakes.  
Monogram these adorable toppers for a personal touch.

9. Burlap covered Mason Jars by 
Set of 3 Burlap and Leopard Print Ribbon Wrapped Mason Jars. Perfect for Gifts, Home Decorations, Weddings, Storage, and MORE
By incorporating burlap into the design it gives the print a rustic twist.

10. Glitter Nails by 
Leopard/Animal Print Wah Style Hand Painted Fake False Nails - CUSTOM NAIL ART -
I admit these are a little over the top for a wedding, but they make me smile.
Remember that this is your day and if glitter nails make you happy... wear them!

11. Garter by somethingnewdesigns
SALE Leopard Wedding Garter, Bridal Garter Set - Ivory Lace Garter, Keepsake Garter, Toss Garter, Shabby Chiffon Rosette Black Leopard Prin
Give your man a sneak peek he won't forget with this sexy and sweet lace garter belt.

12. Flower Girl Shoes by 
Glamour baby girl shoes,Booties -Baby Crib Shoes - Leopard Baby shoes.THE ORIGINALS.
Dress your Flower Girl in a knee length dress with these gorgeous booties.

13. Belt by 
Vintage 50s 60s Leopard Print Real Fur Belt / Vintage 1950s 1960s CALDERON Designer Belt XS S
This will bring the focal point to your waist for a funky and fun way to glam up the simplest wedding gown.

14. Pumps by 
Leopard Print Peep Toe Pumps, Leopard Print Glitter Heels, Leopard Print Feline High Heels
This may be the sneakiest way to incorporate your wild side.  
If you want only the tiniest glimpse of print, 
wear a long gown with these heels.  
While you walk down the aisle just the slightest bit of leopard will show.

15. Confetti by 
Leopard Cheetah Hot Pink Confetti perfect for your Party Shower Cards 200 pieces
Give these little bits of cuteness to Flower Girls instead of pedals.  
That way you will literally be "walking on the wild side".

16. Photobooth props by  
Wedding Photo Booth Props / Leopard Glitter Package / 20 piece set
Every Wedding now has some kind of photo area.  
People can be uptight and awkward when taking pictures.
Put some fun props in their hands and they become top models.  

17. Guest Gift Bags by 
Leopard Print and Damask Printable Bridal Shower Party Decor - Wedding Shower Party Decorations - DIY Tablescape
Give guests a gift from the heart, right to their sweet tooth!  
(Check out more on Wedding Favors in this post: F is for Favors)

18. Jeweled Necklace by 
leopard sexy necklace, rhinestone bib leopard and honey wedding, bridesmaids, prom, holiday necklace, gift or for you
This necklace will make a glamorous statement not easily forgotten.  
Just be careful wearing a piece that is this attention getting if you are not 
comfortable having your chest as a focal point.  

19. Newly Wed Mugs by 
Mr. and Mrs. his and her Lip and Mustache Coffee Mugs Customized Leopard Print Animal Print Handle Wedding gift Anniversary gift
It's always fun to incorporate a gift for the couple that goes with 
the color palette of the wedding.  
Any newlyweds would be thrilled to sip some strong coffee 
out of these the next morning.

*The Bridal Encyclopedia Tip of the Day*

If you are looking for a USEFUL gift for your Bridesmaids,get them an Infinity Leopard Scarf.  

1. I get tons of compliments on mine.  

2. It is fun to wear any time of the year.

3. It comes in one size, so it will fit all your girls.

4. Your ladies have given lots of time and effort to make your big day special, give them something that they can feel special about too!

Would you consider using Leopard touches  in your own Wedding?  Do you wear Leopard in your everyday life?  Is it TASTEFUL or TACKY?  


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