Thursday, January 16, 2014

O is for Ombre (Part 3)

I have once again been moved to try something new and it turned out wonderful.
I was feeling inspired by Betty Crocker and Marilyn Monroe which led me to put on a pretty dress, tease my hair and bake an Ombre Cake!

As promised in the two previous parts of this blog series (O is for Ombre A-M & N-Z) I'm bringing you a DIY Ombre Project.This cake is not meant to be an actual Wedding Cake, but a rustic inspiration for a Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Weekend or other Special Event.  I thought mixing the bold color blocked cake with messy icing gave a unique balance of whimsy.

I'm not a master baker, but I love making pretty things and thought this was a perfect time to improve my kitchen skills.  I know after looking at the adorable cake I made you would want to try it yourself ...

Rustic Orchid Ombre Cake   

7. Repeat Step 5 and 6 again to make your last cake pan.

(Sides will come out brown no matter which color you dye the batter.  
I cut mine off because they were slightly hard.)

12. Put a fresh or fake flower garnish around

 the base of the cake for an added pop.

It's been so fun gathering ideas for an Ombre Wedding.  I've had a super positive response for A-M and N-Z.  If you missed them don't fret, while your cake is baking you can go back and browse!


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