Friday, January 17, 2014

P is for Pinterest Wedding

Could you imagine all your Pins on Pinterest jumping off the screen and becoming a real Wedding?  Well for one lucky, lovely girl this crazy thought became a reality!

This post is inspired by a beautiful video I watched featuring Ryan Leak and Amanda Roman.  Many of you have probably already seen this video.  Ryan secretly planned a whole wedding for Amanda to be held on the same day he proposed all by snooping on her Pinterest Page.  This is the ultimate romantic gesture for many reasons.  After viewing the footage of their touching proposal and awesome nuptuals not once or twice but three times (and after shedding a few tears) I had an idea.  What if all engaged couples took the same principals and included them in their wedding, no matter the length of the engagement period?  So I have compiled for you a list of the things I learned from Ryan:

10 Lessons I Learned from Ryan Leak:

1. It's ok to keep a secret.
Not everyone is good at keeping secrets.  I'm a blabber mouth and have a hard time not sharing every fun or exciting thing that happens to me.  If you are like me this may be a challenge. Even if you two are planning your wedding together make sure there are some surprises.  I learned a trick from a Makeup Artist friend, Tracois Edwards, that is a sweet surprise.  Find out the grooms favorite flavor (Cherry, Mango, Coconut) and wear that flavor lip gloss. When it's time for your first kiss it will be even more memoriable.

2. Enlist your friends to help.
I thought the story about his two friends waiting at the Marriage License Office was really touching.   Your friends are willing to lend a hand, just remember to ask small favors for things they will enjoy doing.  It sounds like the two men that helped out Ryan were patient and kept a positive attitude. "Number 27" haha

3. Support each others Primp Time.
Don't ask questions like "Are you really gonna need a haircut?" or "Why does it matter who applies your makeup?".  Let your partner choose what activities will make them feel the most comfortable for the time leading up to the ceremony.  Maybe to you getting your nails done the day of sounds like procrastinating, but to your Bride it sounds relaxing.  Kuddos to Ryan for flying in the specific Hair and Makeup people that made Amanda feel gorgeous.

4. Listen to what your partner says to others about your relationship.
This whole Surprise Wedding was thought up after Ryan heard Amanda share her dream of a Proposal and Wedding in the same day.  It's important to take these comments to heart.  Most of the time people say exactly what they want, its just up to us to hear them.

5. Don't let bumps in the road make you crash.
Ryan could have had a melt down when Amanda's flight was cancelled.  He could have pouted, cried, spilled the beans or a number of other negative reactions.  Instead he kept his cool.  In life plans change.  Planes get delayed, it suddenly rains, vendors get caught in traffic, cakes get mixed up, DJ's play the wrong song.  So what are you gonna do?  You are gonna keep truckin' because life is too amazing to let a little detail ruin the big picture!

6. Only invite the people you love.
When Amanda walked in the room she said she felt so much love; that every person in that room was someone she cared for strongly.  Don't invite your boss or second cousin just because you don't want to ruffle feathers.  A wedding is not the place to rub elbows or be a people pleaser.  It's a place to surround yourself in a cacoon of love.

7. Hire a Videographer or Photographer to do a "project for a friend".
Amanda had a slight heads up to look nice and was prepared to be videotaped.  Ryan came up with a great cover story so she wouldn't be shocked to see a guy with a camera.  This was an awesome way to have someone handy to capture the moment on film without blowing the surprise.

8.  Don't be Politically Correct.
Amanda and Ryan were very addiment about having the Presence of God at their Wedding.  We are brought up in a society now to hide our beliefs and backgrounds in order to not make others feel uncomfortable, and yes there are some situations I think that is appropriate.  Your wedding is not one of them.  No matter what your Religon or Spiritual Belief is, make it known loud and proud at your Ceremony.  This is the first day of the rest of your life together.  Build a foundation on your beliefs with your family and friends there to support you.

9.  Kiss her like you mean it.
I literally started clapping at my laptop when Ryan grabbed Amanda's head and kissed her.  It was hard and real and long and everything a Wedding Kiss should be.  Way to go!

10. Pinterest is the SH*T!
If you don't already have a Pinterest account and you are planning a Wedding, you are behind.  I think it is important to make a Dream Board either with paper, online or both.  Invite your Wedding Planner, future Husband or Wife, Wedding Party or anybody else you might want to contribute to be a part of your Dream Wedding Album.  Check out my page for instant inspiration: Megan's Pinterest

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Mr. and Mrs. Leak for being such a beautiful couple inside and out.  This is just the beginning of years of blessings.  May your love continue to multiply.

Here is Ryan and Amanda's Video in case you haven't seen it yet:


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