Thursday, January 30, 2014

R is for Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid is the new color for 2014 chosen by Pantone.  I loved it the first time I saw it on Project Runway Allstars.  This sparked many questions in my intuiative brain. Who is this Pantone? How do they pick this color?  How can I incorporate it into my clients color schemes? and how do they know all the best color trends? This led me to do a little further investigation.  Help me disect the whys and check out the Wedding Touches in this beautiful color that no one is mentioning...

1. What/Who is Pantone?
Pantone LLC is owned by X-Rite and is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication between many industries.  Basically they name a specific shade so that an Graphic Designer, Artist, Shop Owner, Manufacturer and Wedding Planners can speak the same color language.  Their products are the World Currency of Color and they are the Banker!

2. How is the "Color of the Year" decided?
The color of the year selection requires careful consideration.  Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color infuences.  This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artist, popular travel destinations and other socio-ecomic conditions.  Just like in Weddings, inspiration can be taken from pretty much any interesting and relevant source.

3. How can you incorporate this trendy color into your Wedding without overdoing it?
Well I have said time and time again that Trends are the Icing not the Cake.  Sprinkle in this color to details.  It's pretty obvious you can order Radiant Orchid Flowers or dress your Bridesmaids in Radiant Orchid Dresses, but it's much more fun to think outside the box!  Just in case you needed help finding good examples of tiny touches I put a classic Bridal Encyclopedia A-Z List for you to check out.  I hope you love these details as much as I do...

Address Stamp

NAUTICAL / NAVY BLUE Color Box by Stephanie Barnard Dye Ink Pad
It is imparative to buy a stamp for the return address so you won't have to write them 100 times.  Order a custom stamp from  and some Radiant Orchid Ink.

Bow Tie

Little and Big Guy Easter Spring Bow tie - BLOOMING BOUQUET Collection - Orchid and Lavender-  (Newborn-Adult)  - (Made to Order)
These tiny ties by  pack a big style punch and are perfect for any Ring Bearer.

Cake Topper

How sweet is this Birdy by ?
 (Click HERE to see other Cake Toppers we love!)


Radiant Orchid Vintage Painted 5 Drawer Dresser
This Radiant Orchid Dresser from is perfect for a Dessert Buffet.
Stay tuned, I'm working on a blog for next month on DIY Dessert Buffet Set Up!!!

Earring Box

This adorable Jewelry/Earring/Keepsake box by  will make your Bridesmaids swoon!


Radiant Orchid Polyjuice Flask - Harry Potter Inspired Flask - Polyjuice - Orchid Pink - 8oz or 6oz Flask - Tipsy Flask (330)
Why not?

Guest Book 

Wedding Tree Guest Book // Wedding Guest Book Tree // Personalized Wedding Print // Canvas or Matte Print 100-150 Guests // 16x20 Inches
You can customize this to a brighter Purple and there is room for up to 150 guests to each have their own leaves!  

Head Piece

This headpiece by  is precious for a Flowergirl or fun for a Boho Bride.


Radiant Orchid Wedding Invitation Suite: 5x7 Invitation, RSVP Card, Envelopes, Envelope Seal 2014 Color of the Year
I always like to encourage my clients to make their invitations cohesive with their Wedding Theme. 


Radiant Orchid Vintage Wool Hounds-tooth Draped Cocoon Cape Coat Scarf Collar  Batwing Jacket
Pre-plan a jacket or shawl to have handy for when it gets chilly.  Make sure it matches the theme and looks good on you in case a photo worthy moment happens while you have it on.


Wedding Beer Coozies (Clipart 1820) State of Texas - Personalized Koozies - Custom Koozies - Wedding Favor Koozies - Koozie
These customizable Koozies by are useful favors for guests to enjoy many parties after your big day.
(Click HERE for more ideas on Wedding Favors)


Purple pom poms and paper lanterns radiant orchid with hand-painted butterflies, set of 4 pom poms and two lanterns
These are fun in any color and I highly suggest mixing and matching for a super festive look,
just like above in 's picture.

Mason Jars

3- Hand Painted Pint And Pint & A Half Mason Jar Flower Vases- Mom's Garden Collection-Country Decor-Cottage Chic-Shabby Chic-French Chic
Okay, I know I already mentioned these this month, but I'm obsessed.  They are so cute!

Nail Art

Radiant Orchid/ Fuchsia SOLVENT RESISTANT GLITTER 0.062 Hex  - 1 Fl. Ounce for Glitter Nail Art, Glitter Nail Polish & Glitter Crafts
1.Order some of this gorgeous glitter from  .
2. Have your Bridal Party all paint their nails Radiant Orchid.
3. Apply this glitter heavily at the end fading in to about half way up the nail.
4. Show off your fabulous nails!


Valentine's Ombre Hearts Purple Printable Art Print, pink and radiant orchid, home decor, instant download
I'm obsessed with the Ombre trend, so why not try it in the Radiant Orchid family.
(For more Ombre inspiration click HERE!)


Radiant Orchid Geometric Designer Pillow Cover 18" White Modern accent cushion mod waves scales pink fuchsia arches scallop Valentines Day
I always encourage clients to choose a pillow for your Ring Bearer that you can reuse in your own home.  This one by  would look great on my grey sofa:)


A Perfect Marriage Is Just Two Imperfect People Who Refuse To Give Up On Each Other 6x6 Wood Sign
Want to add some character to your Centerpieces?  Add a colorful quote like this one by .

Ring Bowl

Ring Dish,  Ring Bowl, Wheel Thrown Pottery, Violet Pink, Radiant Orchid
This beautiful pottery by  is perfect for a new Bride to protect her ring while doing housework or art projects for her love nest!

Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask, Eye Mask, Radiant Orchid, Blindfold, Ready to Ship, Cotton
This relaxing mask will help you get lots of beauty sleep before the big day!

Table Numbers

4" Wedding Table Numbers - GLiTTER Top Coat CHiPBOARD - Elegant Font - Color Choice: ORCHID Shown
 has designed bright and bold numbers that will look great on any table.


Radiant Orchid Wedding Cupcake, Cake Forks Beaded, Wire Wrapped, Bridal Forks Personalized - Custom CHOOSE YOUR COLORS
For all my foodies out there, enjoy your fancy cuisine on these forks fit for a King!

Wine Glasses

Custom Flower Hand-Painted Wine Glasses
Use special glasses like these beauties by  for your Sweetheart Table.


Download one of my Kid's Activity Books for lots of X & O fun!


Crochet Thread collection - high quality 100% Linen Thread in purple, lavender, light pink and burgundy , Radiant Orchid
For all the crafty Brides out there who love making homemade gifts.  Give a woven scarf to your Mom and Mother in Law in the same colors as your wedding as a thank you for all their help.

Zig Zag Clutch

Small Purple Chevron Clutch, Purple Clutch, Lavender Zig Zag Clutch, Gabbie Clutch, Small Purple Clutch, READY TO SHIP
This adorable clutch by  is the perfect accent for your Maid of Honor.  It's just big enough for her to keep lip gloss, breath mints and bobby pins... just in case you need them.

I'm looking forward to helping my Brides incorporate this color into their 2014 Weddings.  If you need help with your Wedding Planning contact me today at Your Last Hurrah!

Did you learn anything?  Love anything?  Hate anything?  Share with me your thoughts...


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