Sunday, February 9, 2014

A is for Average Marriage Age

It's Sunday Funday and I'm ending our awesome week with some stats.  So far we have conquered Stress Free Wedding Dress Shopping, shared adorable XOXO Gifts for Bridesmaids and created manly Zooming Race Car Seating.  Even with all that goodness my mind couldn't stop exploring wedding related topics! 

I'm obsessed with fact finding and exploring my new profession.  It leads to a lot of when, where, how and why conversations.  Today I'm focusing a bit on WHEN... 

WHEN is a huge question in the Wedding World.  "When are you two getting engaged?" "When are you setting the date?" "When are you having kids?" All these questions differ for each couple, and unlike a test, there are no wrong answers!  Just because my curious mind couldn't help itself, I started to question my own unmarried status versus my peers in different places I'd lived.  Although I don't promote judging your choices against others, I do think the geographical facts I collected are quite interesting. I made a color coordinated map, lightest = youngest (Idaho & Utah) and darkest = oldest (District of Columbia) for you to visually see what parts of the country choose to marry sooner than others...

I'd like to share with you a saying that I love: 
"You have to know the rules to break them!"  
Take these common age medians and make them into whatever number makes you and your partner happy. At the end of the day these numbers don't really mean a thing. 

My boyfriend's parents, Mike and Jenny, met at Marshall College in West Virginia when they were 18 years old. Jenny was an interior design student and Mike was a studly football player.  Romance bloomed but was quickly interupted as the school year came to an end.  The next year Jenny, instead of returning to West Virginia, transfered schools and ended up all the way in Florida.  The young lovebirds stayed together, but it wasn't easy.  Long distance was much different in the years before Skype, Facetime or Snapchat, when snail mail and house phones ruled the communication highway. Things were not looking promising for the young couple living a thousand miles apart. They had a fork in their relationship road. Before they knew it, they had eloped at the tender age 19. This could very well have been a huge mistake. They were so young.  Most of their peers were years away from "I do". Jenny and Mike made the decision that it was their life, and that 19 was the right age for them.  They decided to take their own path and are still happily married 30 years later with 3 beautiful children. I'm not saying every love struck 19 year old should run off and get married, but it works for some.  On the other side of the coin there are couples that don't marry until well into their 40's.  The wonderful thing about life/marriage/weddings is you can do whatever makes you as happy as a peach. 

How old were you when you got married?  Were you the same age as your state's median?  Would you do it sooner or later if you had it to do again?


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