Monday, February 10, 2014

C is for Concealer with GIVEAWAY

I know my readers love learning the history of wedding traditions, viewing pretty decor inspiration and DIY's, but are y'all fans of magic?  Watch my face go from flawed to flawless while Patrick Santa Ana, part Makeup Artist/part Magician, applies his awesome Concealer, that is also a bronzer and highlighter, in only a little over ten minutes.  

I live in the East Arts Village here in sunny Long Beach California.  It boasts adorable coffee houses, art galleries and adorable boutiques.  A few months ago I was browsing through some of the local shops looking for an outfit for a business mixer for Your Last Hurrah.  While stopping in Elev8 I started chatting with owner Patrick and happened to mention I had to run to CVS for some more concealer before that evenings events.  He led me to a shelf with what looked like a makeup tester pallet.  It had dark browns, tans and nudes in every shade.  I replied "Oh no I need concealer for my skin tone".  He reaffirmed this was for me, explaining it also worked as a shading agent, highlighter and was healthy for you.  I was now intrigued...

Next, I asked the inevitable question everyone hates to ask in a boutique or shop when you are interested in something..."How much does it cost?".  Patrick replied with an easy "Oh only $50".  At this point I was not aware of the wizardry of this little case and had no idea it was worth every penny and probably much much more.  I gave one of those uncomfortable smiles and was quickly racking my brain of a way to get out of the store.  I forgot to turn off the stove and my cat might catch on fire.  Oh wait, I don't have a cat. Right when I was about to accidentally walk away from something I now use on a daily basis, Patrick offered to give me a demo.  I returned later that night after the store closed...and that is when the magic happened.

First Patrick began by mixing the three darker colors with a brush right on the pallet.  He then applied in key places to give depth: the forehead, temples, sides of nose, chin and swooshes on the cheeks.

The next step was applying the highlights. Patrick suggested looking up at the light in front of your bathroom mirror and apply to the spots that the light hits.  Definitely apply to the forehead, bridge of nose, under eye, cheek and right below lower lip. 
(I honestly was getting a little nervous at this point.  How in the world would this turn out pretty without making me look like a clown?)

Finally, it all came together.  Patrick took a moisturizer and squirted it on the outside of his hand.  Then choosing the color closest to my original skin tone, tinted the moisturizer glob.  He took the new color and began some serious blending.  It was about 3 full minutes of brush strokes. 

I was amazed at the transformation and couldn't believe how smooth and refreshed I looked.  The best part was that it felt good on my skin.  Patrick explained that when he created the line he outsourced to Canada for the best nutrient rich clay based makeup.  I was happy and confident to leave like this, but just for kicks we added lipstick, mascara and blush.  

So after all that, I bought the pallet...and love it!  I had about a 5 day learning curve to get the technique down and I do have to adjust every few weeks depending on how much sun I get.  The great thing is that it's easy to blend lighter or darker depending on how I look that day. Patrick estimated it lasts a year for average ladies, mine already has some wear and tear since I have literally used it every day for three months.  I'd estimate for a daily user I will have to re-buy at around the 4 month mark, and I will be re-buying!

The reason I really wanted to share this with you is because it has made me feel more confident and prettier during all the pictures I've been taking while blogging. After saying "yes" is one of the most photographed time of your life. Between the Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Engagement Shoot and other exciting moments you will basically live in front of a camera. Most of us can't afford a professional makeup artist for every photographed event, so do the next best thing and use their techniques and products!

I'm so grateful I found this pallet and I'm so excited that I had the opportunity to share it with you.  
Visit Elev8 either in person at 132 Linden Ave in Long Beach to check out the product yourself or at their online store  If you want to experience Patrick's magic for yourself he is available to do your next wedding or event with All Done Up Artistry.

Patrick Santa Ana

Patrick is such a doll he wanted to do a GIVEAWAY for my lovely readers!!!

Enter between 2/10-2/24/14 for your chance to have 3 of your own Patrick Santa Ana Makeup Brushes.  One winner will be randomly selected and announced on The Bridal Encyclopedia Facebook Page. No purchase necessary.  No cash value.  Prize value: $29.  FREE shipping included to U.S. only. Prize will be mailed to winner within 2 weeks of prize being claimed.


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