Wednesday, February 12, 2014

D is for DIY Drink Name Tag Clips

I'm so excited to share I'll be in Virginia in May to celebrate two of my long time friends getting married... and I'm a Bridesmaid!  I can't wait to celebrate with Stephanie and the other gals for a fun Bachelorette Weekend.  In lieu of my excitement I will be doing several fun projects and of course sharing them all with y'all.  These Drink Name Tag Clips are the first of many fun Bachelorette projects and products I will be attempting.  Check out how I embellished these clips for Marissa, Kim, Stephanie and myself...

This project is ideal for any party where people will be mixing/mingling and drinking. I highly suggest this for any Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party or even for the Mimosa Glasses during primping on the morning of the wedding. As most great inventions, this one was born out of necessity.  How many times have you hosted a party and ran out of alcohol only to find several half full cups laying around? My gal pals love chatting and as the stories get juicier the hand gestures get bigger and the drinks are left on the wayside. Meanwhile the guys are high fiving and playing horseshoes, leaving their beverages mixed up on a nearby table. This may sound like a small problem, but with an average beverage costing anywhere from $2-10 at home or $5-$12 at a venue, a few misplaced glasses can easily start to add up to lots of lost cash. To solve this problem I came up with an easy and adorable solution...


  • Crazy Glue
  • Assorted Buttons in your color(s) of choice (About 8 per guest)
  • Sharpie in the color you prefer
  • Paper Clip (1 for each guest)
  • Scissors (In case there is left over string in buttons)


  • Write the name of each guest on one side of each clothespin.  Start writing right of the metal piece.
  • Sort buttons so each line has approximately eight buttons.
  • Glue buttons one by one onto clothes pin, slightly off-center the buttons to fit more and give it a more interesting look.
  • Flip over and glue one button to the right of the name.
  • Clip to glasses.  If you are serving in a glass with a stem (Wine Glass or Champagne Flute) then attatch to the bottom of the glass with room to still grab.  If you are serving from a tumbler or pint glass just clip it on the rim.

Project Facts

  • Price Point: This project cost me very little because I visited the local Recycle Store here in Long Beach on Elm and 3rd.  It has all kinds of cheap goodies and I love using them for up-cycled projects.  I paid $2.35 for 10 Clothes Pins and about 35 buttons.  
  • Time: The whole process from Set Up to Clean Up to produce 4 Name Tag Clips took 12 Minutes.  The majority of this time was spent unsticking my fingers due to my lackadaisical use of the glue.  
  • Usability: To really get use of these cool life hacks, encourage guests to reuse the same clips for all events.  If you hand some out at your Engagement Party the ladies can reuse them for the Bridal Shower and so on.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY.  I encourage you to embellish on my idea and make it your own.   What color(s) will you use?


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