Saturday, February 1, 2014

T is for Table Seating Chart

Want to make sure your foul mouth College Roommate doesn't sit beside your prim and proper Mother in Law?  

Ensure your shot pounding Brother and your Boss who hasn't drank in ten years don't sit at the same table? 

With a little pre-planning it's easy to avoid these uncomfortable moments and ensure everyone feels included.

Last summer I attended a course to become a Certified Wedding Planner and was taught how to make a Table Seating Chart. I tried this method with the first couple I planned for, Shawna & Louis. It worked really well, but I did learn to tweak a few things.  After ironing out these small details I thought it would be nice to share with ya'll my method.  

Here is the Who, What, When, Where and How...

WHO needs to help with this project?  
Bride, Groom & Wedding Planner (if you have one)

WHAT materials do I need?
Final Guest List 
Floor Plan 
Cans/Box for Tracing
Poster Board
Multi-Color Sticky Notes

WHEN do we make my board?
Do not start this project until after your RSVP Date.  Count mailed responses and call each unanswered invitation with a friendly inquiry.  Once you have a confirmed a Final Guest Count you are ready to begin!

WHERE is the best place to make our board?
A private place without others around is best.  I did my mock one on my coffee table.

HOW do we make this thing?

Step 1. Once you get your Floor Plan from your Venue, copy it onto your Poster Board. 
Using a Sharpy trace your Can for an almost perfect circle.  

Add small lines coming off representing seats.  Most tables seat 8 or 10, make sure you confirm with your Venue which size they are using for your Reception.  

Step 2. Write all names on color coded Sticky Notes.  Write the name  you will want on the future Escort Cards.  It could either be Jane, Jane Doe or Aunt Jane.  It doesn't matter which way, but make it consistent across the board.  Don't write just "Jane" for one Aunt and "Aunt Sally" for another.

Color Coding System:
Yellow = Bride and Groom
Orange = Wedding Party and their Dates
Pink = Bride's Guests
 Blue = Groom's Guests
Green = Children

Step 3. Place Sticky Notes on Circles in this order:
Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue

Step 4. Mix and Mingle guests as you see fit.  

Questions to ask yourselves while you are grouping:
Will these people enjoy chatting?
Do they all drink alcohol?
Should I seat the Wedding Party together or spread them out?
Will they want to be closer or farther from the band/DJ speakers?
Do I want kids all together at a Kid's Table?
If so should I place their parents at the table beside them?
Where do I want my extra seats in case I need to move someone?

Step 5. Name or Number your Tables.  
(My pretend couple met in the produce section at the grocery store so they 
named their tables after different fruits.)

Step 5. Pat yourself (or each other) on the back.  You did great!

The real trick to a flawless Wedding is making sure every detail is thought of! 
This is just one example of the many tasks that Wedding Planners, like Sweet Peach Planning, love assisting with. Contact us if you need help with your own guest arrangements.

Was this informative?  Will you try it for your next party?  Have any questions on how I made my board?


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