Tuesday, February 4, 2014

X is for XOXO Gifts for Bridesmaids

Yesterday was all about shopping for Brides and today is all about Bridesmaids!  Your Bridesmaids are there for you when you want to talk about shades of pink for two hours.  They are there to make sure you get home safe after having too many Cactus Cooler Shots at your Bachelorette Party.  Your ladies are there to wipe your smeared mascara after an emotional Father-Daughter dance.  So, how do you show your appreciation?  With a gift!

As everyone knows X means kiss and O means hug, but why?

- this symbol derives from the Christian symbol for a cross.  It was custom to sign a closed envelope with a cross and kiss it before sending it off with the messenger.  Somewhere down the line the cross changed to an X.

O- The O on the other hand is more elusive, but is thought to be from Yiddish decent since is was Jewish custom to sign letters with an O.

No matter how the X or O came to be, it is now a world wide sign of affection.  This brings us to the tricky task of buying a gift for your Bridesmaids. You don't want to break the bank, but it should be something meaningful and useful.  We thought it would be fun to show some love by featuring XOXO gifts.   I'm sure your favorite gal pals will deserve both after helping you through months of wedding anticipation. These mostly small items pair up well to form awesome XOXO Bridesmaids Goody Bags!  

Spoons are a really cute gift idea for a a Coffee or Tea Lover.  This adorable spoon by  will be a reminder of love every morning.

Write a customized message of thanks on this gorgeous XOX picture by .

This necklace by  reminds me of a grown up version of the half heart necklace.  You and your best gals each wear one so no matter where you move or what you do, you're together!

This gift gives off good vibes from the first step in the door!

This handmade piece by  can serve as a candle holder, ring bowl, paper clip holder or just a pretty reminder of love to have around your love nest.

Put a fun and flattering picture from your Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower with each Bridesmaid in a lovely frame like this one from  .
It's thoughtful and easy!

Pair this cute stamper with an ink pad in your Bridesmaid's favorite color!

These little earrings are a sweet treat without the extra pounds!

It's hard to go wrong with wine!  Even if you run across the rare gal that doesn't drink, she can always cook a delicious meal with it.

This Wine Tote from  makes me smile.  

I'm a sucker for any cute hair accessories.  If I got this adorable jersey knit headband made by  I'd rock it year around!

Have these made for each of your ladies with the name of their husband or boyfriend.  

This pretty picture would be great for the gals you have traveled with.  Write a sincere note about the places you have been and the places you want to go together.

How cute are these rings by  in Silver, Gold or Bronze?!

This burlap pillow looks pretty plain, but flip it over for a colorful surprise!

Have you been a Bridesmaid?  Did you get a gift?  If married, what gift did you give?  


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