Monday, March 3, 2014

I is for iPhone Cases

Hey hey lovely readers!  Spring is coming and the Wedding Planning Season is in full swing. Girlfriends are slowly transforming from caterpillars into blushing butterfly brides. It's time to vet vendors, choose bridesmaid's dresses, update Facebook statuses and figure out the perfect way to use your left hand to do everything. Gals everywhere are reverting back to 5th grade, writing their new last names over and over and over again. Only this time it's not a playground crush, but your real soon to be husband. It's an exciting stage in a relationship when a couple decides to take the plunge of matrimony.  I think all the flaunting is fabulous.  In the age of technology it's only appropriate to match your phone to your current state of bliss...

Last week I was shopping for a new case for my iPhone and stumbled across some adorable bride worthy cases.  I was smitten by all the unique choices. I decided "what the heck", most of my posts have been deep, emotional, informative and moving...but not today! Scroll through the diverse choices I rounded up.  I've saved you time by handpicking cases I love, by vendors I admire. I dare you to not find one you like...

For the Rustic Bride:
wedding white lace burlap iphone 5 case - bride iphone 5 case - Mrs Iphone 5s 5C case, Iphone 4/4s case

For the Hipster Bride:
Afterlife Bride, iPhone case, iPhone cover, iPhone 4/4/s, day of the dead, dios del los muertos, hipster, skeleton, unique, one of a kind

For the Flower Child Bride:
Personalized Bride phone case iPhone 4 4s 5 5s Galaxy S3 S4 case Floral heart, Personalize names & date, I do B4360

For the Romantic Bride:
Kissing Bride and Groom iPhone 5 case / iPhone 5S case / iPhone 5C case / iPhone 4 case / iPhone 4S case

For the Preppy Bride:
Chevron Date iPhone Case - Iphone 4 - Iphone 5 - Iphone 4s - Wedding Date - iPhone Cover - Chevron iPhone Cases by Luv Your Case (299)

For the Glam Bride:

For the Minimalist Bride:
Bride + Wedding Date Custom iPhone Case + Color like Tiffany Blue

For the Artistic Bride:
Bride and Groom iPhone 5/5S Case - Hard Shell Phone Cover

For the Bold Bride:
Engagement iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Bride to Be Phone Case, Personalized iPhone Cover - K115

For the Chic Bride:
Personalized Bride to be phone case - Iphone 4 - Iphone 4s - Iphone 5 - Bridal shower - wedding party - Unique gift - Pink - Design 07

I hope you liked the styles I chose to feature today. It's details like these that get you giddy and excited about the changes occuring. Revel in these small enjoyments. Allow yourself to showboat a bit! 

P.S. Don't forget your GROOM! 
Groom iPhone 5 Case, Apple iPhone 5 Case - Groom iPhone 5 Hard Case, Bridal case

I'm now off to Vegas with my honey for a two day getaway, but don't frett. I will be back to my thoughtful self later this week with awesome new ideas you'll love. Until then...happy planning! xoxo


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