Tuesday, March 4, 2014

J is for Jewel of the Month

How amazing are grandmothers?  My grandmother, who we all call Mama Bette, is not your typical cookie baking, bingo playing grandma. I'm the oldest grandchild and we have a very rare relationship. We can talk for hours dissecting current affairs, musing about pretty things and being incredibly judgemental of politicians. Last month Mama Bette turned 84 years old, and of course that warrants a call from her favorite granddaughter.  We chatted about her high school dances and briefly touched on health care reform. Somehow the conversation drifted toward jewelry. She mentioned her jewel is Amethyst and mine is Ruby (which I already knew). She then began talking about Aaron and his breastplate of jewels (I was lost). I've been familiar with the idea of each month having a designated stone but never knew why...

Usually I use online resources, industry professionals or wedding books as resources for information to share.  Today my trusted source is Mama Bette. This completely factual story (hearsay from an awesome 84 year old lady in Georgia) begins in Egypt about 1500BC.  Aaron, brother of Moses, was a well-known smooth talker and overall liked man.  He was elected to speak to the Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelites to have them released from captivity. After his speech was successful and the Israelites were freed he was named High Priest, the first ever.  To adorn him for his new role a specific outfit had to be created.  The focal point of this outfit was a breast plate.  On the breast plate there would be twelve stones, representing each tribe of Israel. This was the rebirth of the Israelites and therefore their "birthstones".  Somewhere down the line the twelve jewels were paired with the twelve months.  In honor of this story my Mama Bette shared with me I decided it would be fun to find some of these stones to share.  The first shop I landed on was The Fabulous Jewelry out of Toronto Canada. To my pleasant surprise, they had gifts for Bridesmaids, Maids of Honor, MOBs, MOGs and Brides in every month's jewel.  Check out what I found:

  Christmas gifts,studs,red garnet earrings,cranberry red bridal earrings,tear drop dangle,Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Earrings,bridesmaid gifts
January / Garnet
Bridesmaid gifts, Infinity bracelet. personalized.custom birthstone.initial. Infinity jewelry. beach wedding gifts .Purple amethyst
February / Amethyst
2 3 4 birthstones necklace,leaves initials,Infinity necklace,Infinity jewelry,Grandma Necklace,PERSONALIZED GRANDMOTHER JEWELRY,Aunt,Sister
March / Aquamarine
Clear crystal  earrings , April birthstone diamond  Bridal Drop Wedding Dangle Earrings Bridal Jewelry Drop Earrings Bridesmaid Gift
April / Diamond

4 initials, monogram, leaf jewelry, Mom, Mother , Grandma ,Grandmother, necklace on message thank you card , Green emerald , birthstone,
May / Emerald

Bridesmaid gifts,wedding jewelry,friendship BRACELET,purple,birthstone ,bangle,floating glass locket,locket bracelet,living glass locket
June / Alexandrite

July / Ruby
Infinity earrings.Peridot green jewelry. Bridesmaid gifts.Mother of the bride groom.Bridesmaid cards.sisters.best friends ,wedding jewelry
August / Peridot

Bridesmaid gifts,Infinity necklace.personalized.custom birthstone.initial.blue sapphire.Wedding date Lariat necklace.Infinity jewelry
September / Sapphire

Bridesmaid gifts, Anchor necklace. personalized.custom birthstone.initial . Pink wedding necklace.Anchor heart jewelry
October / Rose Zircon
ADD A CHARM . Calla Lily Flower . Personalized Initial Charm . Birthstone Necklace . Charm Bracelet . Gemstones Choose Silver or Gold Lilies
November / Topaz

Personalized bracelet.BIRTHSTONES.LEAF.Gifts for grandma.grandmother .Mom.sisters.best friend.Message card.Initial.Monograms.Mother bracelet
December / Blue Zircon
Realistically, we have no way of knowing if this story really occurred thousands of years ago.  It's quite possible it's true and also quite possible it's a beautiful tall tale.  Either way I enjoyed hearing my grandmother's version and thought you might too.  No matter how it began these stones are now well recognized throughout the world.  By using someones specific jewel you are personalizing it and making that person feel special, especially for mothers and grandmothers. Wearing their children and grandchildren's jewels are like wearing a badge of honor.

These stones are the ones I found most commonly used by the National Jewelers Association of America.  Sometimes you will find Turquoise, Pearl and other stones in place of the ones I featured.  Choose what fits your taste and preference best!

What is your month's jewel?  Do you wear it often?  What did you give your mom/grandmother/bridesmaids on your wedding day?


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