Friday, July 25, 2014

O is for Origami Wedding Touches

My lovely boyfriend and adorable pups hate these days...the days where I get crafty!  I take our perfectly organized and newly cleaned little love nest and get it totally messy. A lap full of glitter, fingers stuck together from too much glue, paint speckles dotting the hardwood floors and gorgeous scraps of colorful paper littered around my feet makes me as happy as a clam. Meanwhile, the rest of my clan are hiding in the corner trying not to get decorated. Well, today is one of those days:)

The reason for today's beautiful disaster is Origami. It's an art form I've been eager to try for months and after learning the heartwarming tradition behind these folded wonders I knew the time was right.  I threw on my comfiest boho maxi dress, tossed my hair in a messy bun, turned on Jasmine Thompson, made a cup of coffee (topped with hazelnut creamer of course) and got to folding...


1. One Thousand Cranes, also known as Senbazuru, is a group of literally 1,000 Origami Paper Cranes help together by strings. Japanese legend states that anyone who folds all of them by hand will be granted a wish by a crane, revered as a holy creature. They believe the crane lives for a thousand years and that is why that number was chosen, one piece of paper for each year. The wish usually consisted of eternal good luck, a long life or recovering from an illness. These beliefs make them popular gifts, especially for weddings.  The folded fowl are usually given as a present by the father of the bride (FOB), who is wishing happiness and prosperity for the newlyweds.
Beautiful image credit: Orange 2 Photography

2. Invitations are an easy way to set a tone for your event.  I was recently reading Go Li Kim's blog and came across these sweet creations. I have been following Kim, a mum and designer from Oxford, and her art always brings a smile to my face.
Check out more of Kim's work at!

3. Escort Cards should be playful and fit the theme of the wedding. Morgan Haynes created these awesome Lotus place cards for her guests at her recent wedding.
escort cards
Explore more of Morgan's projects at!

4. Bridal Bouquets are traditionally made of flowers that are grown, think outside the box and consider flowers that are folded. If you are sentimental this is a perfect option to ensure you will be able to keep your bouquet forever.
Custom Wedding Kusudama Origami Paper Flower Package - Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Purple, ivory Silver
Order your own custom Bouquet from  .

5. Backdrops are sometimes the easiest fix for a blase ceremony location and inexpensive way to dress up an altar. This picture reminds me of a cupcake and the little cranes are the sprinkles:)
Japanese 1000 Paper Cranes
These awesome images are by Lindsay of George Street Photo & Video!

6. Cakes like this gorgeous one from Ashley and Mark's wedding, showcase a simple case make whimsical and fun loving by adding some unique light blue cranes.  
origami wedding decor
Picture Credit belongs to the talented photographer Ashley Gillett

7. This Signature Wedding Photo is an awesome idea for a guest book alternative. The graphic print is a modern and colorful take on a traditional art form.
Find this print and other great items at .

8. Napkins can be folded into hundreds of different styles to show the degree of formality of your event.  This Bow-Tie fold from Glitter Inc is a perfect mix of fancy and folly. Lexi's tablescape is preppy yet inviting and sweet.
Check out for more of Lexi's lovely musings.

9. Cootie Catchers are a throw back to 6th grade.  I forgot how much I loved these things until I came across one on the Martha Stewart Blog. Her version is super cute (I think it's impossible for Martha to do something that is not cute).  Lucky for you, it's a DIY with a convenient print out!


In honor of these fun ideas I had to dig in and try it myself.  I decided to draw inspiration from the One Thousand Cranes and turn it into a "Just Because" for my grandmother in Georgia, Mama Bette. She is my last living grandparent and very dear to my heart. 

I began by choosing  nine pieces of square paper, not exactly matching but a mix of patterns and solids based around purples, blues and greens. Next, I used wikihow to learn the creasing steps. My first two attempts were a little rough.  It took approximately ten minutes to fold the initial bird.  Every bird following was slightly quicker than the last. After the third time using the tutorial I had it memorized. Slowly it became relaxing, almost like cathartic. I felt very rewarding when the awkward folds suddenly changed from a recognizable animal. I wanted the birds to resemble a wish I had, but in my zen-like state I could not pick just one. I decided to chose nine words that summed up wishes for Mama Bette and wrote each word on the right wing. 

LOVE, so she would feel the love of her family and fully understand how much we all care about her. 
PEACE so she can simply be at peace. 
JOY so she can feel the jubilation in everyday things. 
GROWTH because no matter how old you are, it's vital to attempt to improve to truly enjoy life.
FOLLY for the playful and giggly feeling that is a natural high. 
LAUGHTER is sometimes the only way to get through the day.
HEALTH for her body to be as relaxed and comfortable.
EXCITEMENT to still have a spark ignite at new ideas and possibilities.
STRENGTH to be as independent and wise.

I had a swatch of left over ribbon (from my Nosegay post) that became a loop by tying fishing line (20 lb. test out of Cody's tackle box) through the bottom and double knotting it. This will served as the hook to hang the cranes. The other end of that piece of line was poked through the back of the cream colored crane, using a pair of tweezers to help poke the holes. I tied the next two cranes to the first creating a triangle of fowl. The second and third birds each had one dangling from them, belly attached to back.  This patterned continued down so there were four on each side.


I hope Mama Bette likes her present and I hope you found some helpful inspiration. 
 Have you ever tried origami before? Do you feel the itch to make something now? 
Please share your crafts, questions and opinions below!!!


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