Thursday, July 31, 2014

P is for Pearls of Superstition

Do you believe in wedding superstitions? An old wives tale says wearing pearls on your wedding day represents future tears and heartache during your marriage, making it bad luck.Others argue it's actually good luck and that the pearls represent the tears so the bride doesn't have to cry them. 

Pearls are one of my favorite gems and hold high sentimental value to me. Ten years ago after my high school graduation (wow time flies), my grandmother gave all the girls in my family a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. Nikki ,Rachel, Aunt Alice, my Mom and I all flew to Oahu for ten days of R&R.  We swam with wolphins, danced at luaus and ate lots of yummy food. On our last adventure day we drove to North Shore. We visited a charming shop way up on a rocky cliff. They specialized in pearls that came straight out of clams. Looking back I'm almost positive they were planted and it was impossible to pick a mollusk without a jewel inside. Either way, we had such a blast picking out the clam we believed to be lucky, opening them to discover our jewel and having them set into unique pieces of jewelry. 

This bonding experience permanently attached a sweet sentiment to pearls that makes me feel connected to the women in my family. For this reason I choose to believe the lucky version of this double sided superstition. I also encourage you to wear anything that makes you feel beautiful or sentimental, no matter the stigma attached. In case you want some interesting ways to incorporate pearls into your bridal ensemble, here are some of my favorites...


From HEAD to...
Every Bride should feel like a Queen on her wedding day. Complete your look with a whimsical crown, like this beauty from .

Gatsby Flapper Bridal Crystal Rhinestone Headband, Vintage Bohemian Wedding Beaded Pearl Chain Headpiece, Hair Halo headchain Accessories
Does your venue boast early 20th Century Architecture? 
Does your decor have an Art Deco touches? Channel your inner Flapper and 
glam up your bridal ensemble with this head piece by .


I had my first pair of heart sunglasses at 2 years old. I guess I was a toddler fashionista!
These are a fun and playful touch (and great photo op) for any bridal party:)
Find your pair at .

Free Shipping - Fashion Women Diamond Pearl ear cuffs
Ear cuffs, like this one from  put a edgy yet girly pop to a bridal updo.

Pearl Statement Necklace-Vintage Necklace-Bib Necklace-Wedding Jewelry-Bridal Necklace-Rhinestone Brooch-Pearl Necklace-Dream Day Designs
This vintage inspired necklace is a new and improved version of the traditional string of pearls.
The multiple metal colors and diverse jewels gives off a fun steam punk feel.
Get your own from .


Let your inner goddess show through with a arm band like this one from .
It looks feminine and light but also makes a fashion statement.

I'm obsessed by this sassy bra top.  I would rock it with a high waisted black pencil skirt with a peekaboo of skin for a burlesque style Bachelorette Party outfit. 
Order your own from .

Backdrop Necklace-Pearl Necklace-Back Drop Necklace-Bridal Back Necklace-Wedding Necklace-Backwards Necklace-Dream Day Designs
The low back bridal fashion has been popular for a few years now, and isn't going anywhere.
I love this style by   because it keeps the front simple 
(to bring attention to your face) and gives some sass to your back. 

Pearl hand chain, gold hand chain, wedding jewelry, gold pearl hand chain
This delicate and beautiful piece of art by  is the perfect playful accessory
for any modern boho bride.

Not a Deposit - Pearl Hydrangea Brooch Bouquet - MEDIUM - Wedding Bouquet - Bridal Bouquet
I've really been into finding fresh flower alternatives for bouquets. A jeweled option such as this
gorgeous creation from  will allow you to practice with the real thing at your Rehearsal, it won't wilt and it's a life long keepsake. 


White nails are so fresh and bold, but are still tame enough to not steal the spotlight from your ring.
Check out this custom color and others at  .

Elegant beaded Czechoslovakia pearl bridal sash.  Wedding ribbon belt.  LUMINIOUS PEARL
This is one of my best budget saving tip: Buy a beautiful but simple dress, then add a
theme fitting glitzy belt like this one from . You will feel pretty and save a penny or two:)

Wedding Garter /  Bridal Garter / Rhinestone Pearl Garter / Garter Belt / Ivory Lace Garter / Vintage Garter
An intricate and fancy garter will make you feel all grown up, even in a princess dress:)
Get your own rhinestone and pearl garter from  .

I'm a huge fan of sandals for summer wedding shoes. These are perfect for a bling loving bride!

Going barefoot on the beach?  Just can't stand wearing shoes?
Don't leave your little piggies bare, glam them up with a fun toe ring from .

What are your thoughts on the pearl superstition? What about superstitions in general? Did you or would you wear pearl on your wedding day? What was your favorite item featured?


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