Friday, August 15, 2014

Rachel said YES!

I've been chomping at the bit to share this awesome news... RACHEL SAID YES! My gorgeous, smart, sweet, talented (I could go on and on) cousin, Rachel Callery,  is engaged to Joel Patrick Purser, a Georgia native ... and we all couldn't be happier.  

Everything about this proposal screams perfect. The dog. The dress. The ring. The expression of sheer surprise.  It's all perfect. During the month in a half it took Joel to plan this perfect question every detail was thought out to a tee. He chose a talented friend, Avery Strickland to record the capture the occasion with heartwarming pictures. Check out the swoon worthy photos and my tips for planning your own magical proposal...


These two love birds began their beautiful story in Atlanta just over a year ago. Joel, a recent Law School Graduate, was in the big city for his Bar Exam. While visiting he decided to have some fun at an indoor rock climbing gym. Rachel was there working out and asked Joel innocently for help (that she most likely didn't need) and thus began the flirting.  Their love soon blossomed and was strengthened over months of talking, texting, dating and ultimately falling in love. 

Rachel and Joel enjoy boating with friends, four wheeling and spending time with family. Early this Spring the couple became parents... to an adorable Chocolate Lab, Grizzly.  He has provided countless hours of fun for the couple.  They bonded even more over taking him to the dog park, teaching him tricks and taking him on long walks.

The couple juggled a long distance love in between Atlanta, where Rachel studied hard as a Grad Student and Brunswick where Joel is the Assistant District Attorney. After a year together, Joel knew it was time to make it official and "put a ring on it" right before the sun set on June 29th, while vacationing with Joel's family in St. Simons Island, Georgia on East Beach. 

 Check out the other man in Rachel's life...Grizzly. He can't wait to congratulate his parents!

Rachel is showing off her newest and most treasured piece of jewelry... her Engagement Ring!

Everyone was toasting to the young couples future happiness!


The scenery sets the mood of any occasion.  Picking a place with meaning makes all the difference. If you are in the country, a field with a starry sky says romance.  If you reside in a big city, the top of a building overlooking the city lights gives a feeling that anything is possible. Something about the ocean says everlasting love to me, it's one of many perfect places to pop the question. 

Joel was smart enough to recruit Rachel's friends to find out what kind of rings she liked.  He then took that information to a jeweler and worked together to create something special. Having girlfriends help out is an easy way to get an insiders opinion without giving away the surprise. 

Recruit a family friend with a nice camera or professional photographer to capture the moment. If you are doing it in a public place like a park, they can just be nearby "feeding the ducks". No matter what the cover is, she will be grateful you set it up. Those photos are of a once in a lifetime moment, capturing surprise, joy and love all in one snap.

Find a way (even with a white lie) to have her dress up.  Say you are going out to a nice restaurant, like Joel did.  Tell her you love the "insert adjective" dress she has in the closet. Say it in a nonchalant tone. We as ladies start to get curious when you care too much about our outfit choice, so make it sound casual. 

Make sure to have a fun activity planned for after the proposal. It's pretty obvious she will want to call all her closest friends and family, so why not just invite them over for a celebratory toast?! 

My Dearest Rachel and Joel, 

Thank you for sharing their story with me. I'm so excited to celebrate your union and help in any way possible. If the love and care Joel put into the proposal is any indication of the type of husband he will be, you will have a long life full of happiness. Rachel has always been less of a cousin and more like a sister to me, for this reason (and many more) I wish her the utmost exhilaration and joy.  I feel like I speak for our entire family when I say "welcome" to Joel and "we love you" to our beautiful blonde sweetheart. We can't wait to see the rest of your storybook romance play out!

                                                                                                        XOXO, Megan 

If you need help planning the perfect proposal don't hesitate to contact me at I'd be happy to make sure it's a special and memorable experience when she says "yes"!


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