Sunday, December 21, 2014

22 Things You Didn't Know About Me...

This article is inspired by an awesome former client that said something funny to me.  We were meeting up a few months ago to celebrate six months of happy marriage and reminisce about all the planning adventures we got into. She randomly said “I feel like I didn't get to know you personally. In the whole year we worked together we just talked about me, but you are really interesting and wonderful!” This statement made me giddy for so many reasons.

First of all, I love when anyone calls me interesting (I’m really quite a regular girl but can’t resist gloating a bit for appearing unique). Secondly, her statement meant I did my job right by focusing solely on my clients likes and dislikes, not my own likes and dislikes. Lastly, it showed we spent our time wisely accomplishing tasks, not chit chatting. With all that said, when I'm off the planning clock I love to gab. I love to share stories and life experiences.
This made me think it would be fun to start a monthly article highlighting a different well known vendor (I'll be the guinea pig) and give them an opportunity to open up about themselves as a person, not just a business. I love working with people I know. I think most people do. It builds trust and promotes a desire to give the best quality experience. So here goes. Let’s get to know each other…

 1.    Every time I go shopping for myself I end up getting distracted thinking about what items would work for my clients. I can’t help it. I always see a chandelier, dress, cork board, etc. that would be perfect for them. Lots of times I
even take pictures and text them in case they want me to pick it up for them!

2.       I hate being asked “How can you plan a wedding if you’ve never been married?” I answer “The same way a dentist can do a root canal without ever having a cavity.”

3.       I’m the oldest child and have two younger brothers.

4.       I have a deep rooted desire to plan all weddings and events in my family. I’m not sure if they love or hate this.

 5.       I hope to get married one day. I will only invite roughly 30 people.

6.       I lived in NYC for four years. I moved there at 18. That city makes me feel a way I can only equivocate to the first day you fall in love. I guess it’s the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to magic.

7.       I have a famous friend. She was my college roommate. I won’t name drop because that would be bad girl code.

8.       I’m obsessed with cute stationary. Pens, business cards, notebooks, folders, striped, spotted, chevron… I’m getting all excited just thinking about it.

9.       My middle name is Rose.

10.   I love Roses.

11.   The only food I don’t like is Green Peppers.

12.   High Heels make me feel powerful.

13.   Getting my hair cut or colored makes me incredibly anxious.

14.   I love love love cooking and baking for people. Then I like to stand over them and ask if they
like it twenty times.

15.   I’m a huge history buff.

16.   I can spend three hours in the Dollar Bookstore and leave with only one book. Then devour it that night.

17.   I’m an avid Bravo watcher. I'm really bad at Twitter, so I mainly just tweet @Andy. Like all the time, several times a week. 

18.   I want to be a boss one day. Not just to order people around, but to cherish them and give them work they will love and feel accomplished for completing.

19.   Everyone over the age of 21 in my family has one or more dogs. We are obsessed with them. They are like our children. We call each other to talk about them.

20.   My first job was at Dominos Pizza when I was 14 years old.

21.   My Beagle is named Hank after Hank Williams Jr. and my Chihuahua is named Stella Luna after a child’s book about a bat.

22.   I always plan ahead and look forward to the future. I love the past. I have a hard time being in the moment, but I’m learning.

Hank the awesome Beagle AKA 4 Legged Man of my Dreams
Chapel walk through with Alexandra
Hanging Paper Lanterns for Ponce de Leon Wedding
Instructing Flower Girls at Shawna & Louis' Wedding!

Now that you know some fun facts about me, I'd love to know more about you. I challenge you to comment below with 3 Things we don't know about you. 

Happy Planning, 
xoxo Megan 


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