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11 Things to do with your Maid of Honor

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I'm sitting here late night watching Sex In The City reruns and dreaming about spending time with all my fabulous girlfriends scattered around the country. I have been so blessed to have a handful of amazing ladies that I can be myself around. Who is the person in your life that you can ugly cry in front of, talk about the penis sizes of every ex boyfriend and reminisce about the tattoos you got together on your first road trip the week of your eighteenth birthday? Whoever that person is should be your Maid of Honor. Once you have chose that special someone you should cherish them with lots of love (and wine).

Over the planning period your Maid of Honor aka MOH will be in charge of a lot. She will be throwing any number of parties including Engagement, Bridal, Bachelorette and/or, Rehershal Dinner. She will be wrangling all the other ladies to be on time, look right, put their iPhones away and behave. She will be driving around looking at venues, listening to you whine about that extra five pounds you just can't loose and studying all your Pinterest Pins picturing name tags. These things are expected and fine and dandy, but what about the real bonding? What about experiencing the things that made the two of you fall in lady love in the first place? Try one (or all) of these the month before your big day...

1. Look at real pictures. 
Looking at pictures on a computer or phone is nice, but holding real photos in your hands is so much more special. Most likely if you have been friends for a while, so you have accidentally amassed a great collection of old class pictures, yearbooks, family photos and just random Polaroids telling a tale of your past. Once you start browsing you'll be surprised what old stories and memories start flooding out.

2. Scavenge each others closets. 
Commit to a number beforehand, maybe 3 or 5. Then let your MOH pick out that number of items from your closet to borrow for as long as she wants. Then make her return the favor. An old knit scarf, pair of worn out skinny jeans or forgotten necklace could be her favorite new go-to piece.

One of my besties borrowed one of my grandmother's rings she bought years ago in Arizona on a cross country trip. At first I only thought about how pretty the ring was and how I needed to get it back as soon as possible so it could stay in the family. As the years went on I would always forget, and she would always wear it. At her wedding last May, she wore the ring. It's funny how my thoughts changed from how pretty the ring was to how pretty she was wearing the ring. She is family and I'm happy she has it. One day I may get it back, or maybe not. 

3. Watch a really really sappy movie (that no man wants to see). 
I don't know how it is in your home, but it's a real negotiation to get my man to watch a sappy movie. As great commercials come on that make you go "awww" or your favorite novela gets turned into a big screen production, jot down a list of your must sees. Chances are your gal pal wants to see them too. Have a movie night and induldge in all the sap, sass and sex a good chick flick has to offer.

4. Do a unique work out. 
You can go for a jog any old time. Take this opportunity to do a work out you always wanted to try but never did. Go paddle boarding in neon bikinis, put on some awesome sweat bands and go boxing or get zen with some yoga on the beach at sunset. They key to any great workout is a really over the top work out attire. Bonus points for leg warmers.

5. Get an extreme beauty treatment. 
I have a secret obsession for trying new beauty fads and it always makes it better to have a partner in crime to tag along. What about going Brazillian with a full wax, going in a sub zero tank to speed up your metabolism or getting a fat burning body wrap. There are always wacky and wild wieght loss and beauty trends. Why not try one with your steadfast friend by your side.

6. Go out to a bar. 
I'm not suggesting to go out to any old hole in the wall, more like your old hole in the wall. Everyone has that first bar or restaurant where they tried out their fake ID, slept with the cute bartender, danced the night away, knew everyone by name, had a second go around with that bartender. It may be in your old college town or just down the street. Get all dolled up together and hit the scene. It's funny to see what changed and what stayed the same.

7. Do some real down and dirty gabbing.
I only have four people in the world I can do some real down and dirty gabbing with. I'm talking, complain about your crazy boss, overloaded work schedule, blabbermouth coworker, nosy nieghbor, childish parents (and the list goes on). I don't like to complain much because I'm like a whiney snowball, once I start it all comes pouring out getting bigger and bigger to the point the only remedy is to change identities and relocate to a foriegn land. I do every once in a blue moon induldge in some childish gossiping. It feels so good. Just a warning though, make sure it's only with your best, most trusted pal and after you get it out of your system be done with it.

8. Take a cheesy heart picture together.
I'm super partial to heart pictures but any lighthearted pose will do just fine. You can make them with your hands, arms or whole bodies. Go buy elegant frames and make them a centerpiece in your home to remind you of your great friendship. They are going to be cherished even more years down the road when you both agree how fit and flexible you were back then.

9. Cuddle. 
We are getting older and that means our homes are getting bigger. Most people have an extra couch or guest bedroom for you to stay in when you visit. Instead of bedding down in a separate room, take an opportunity to be ten again and have a slumber party. Get in really cute pj's and cuddle up together. It always seems when I stay with my best girlfriends or family members we end up wrapped in copious amounts of blankets and pillows with our furry friends nestled in, chatting until we fall asleep. It's lovely.

10. Get matching or connecting tattoos 
Not all ladies love ink, but some do. This is the true testament to a forever friend and although it's not for everyone, I personally love the idea of getting tatted up with a connection to my favorite gals.

11. Tell her why you love her. 
Take a moment, whether over a martini or while you are letting your mud masks set, to tell her how special she is to you. Tell her she is rare and valuable, special and normal, fabulous and practical. Tell her which moments you shared together that led you to choose her and how excited you are to share your married life with her as a friend to both you and your spouse. Tell her you love her.

To all my favorite ladies out there : Kim, Stephanie, Nicole, Christina, Isabel & Rachel 

Thank you for being the most wonderful friends a girl can ask for. You each inspire me to be more kick ass everyday in a completely unique way. I love y'all. 

Who is going to be your MOH? Why did you choose her? Which one of these activities will you do with her? What other fun things did I leave out that are must dos?
Tell me all about your MOH, I'm dying to know...

Happy Planning, 

xoxo Megan 


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