Hello readers! I'm so giddy you decided to stop by my little piece of the universe for some inspiration and whimsy. I'd love to tell you a bit about myself and why this blog came to be...

I'm a animal lover, amateur painter, wannabe fashionista, coffee addict, twenty something still trying to find her way in this wonderful world. I have a southern charm from being raised in Virginia, muddled with a hardness from living in New York, mixed with my love/hate relationship with California, my current residence, to created a whirlwind personality. I have a hard time taking things for what they are without knowing the reason they are that way. (I guess it's all those years reading Box Car Children til all hours of the night.)

When I decided to break away from my comfortable world of various restaurant jobs and acting gigs to become a professional Wedding Planner I was a bit lost. After taking a Certification Course I knew what was suppose to happen, like reciting a nursery rhyme. You know the words but do you really stop to think about what they mean (really an egg sitting on a wall?).

I turned to scanning the popular wedding and event sites. I checked out the prettiest, preppiest, most unique styles and trends. This always led to the questions "Why" or "How"? Why do some couples have a Groom's Cake, while others don't. How do you decide to do or not to do the Money Dance. Is it tacky or tradition? I was so confused by the cookie cutter set ups that claimed to be one of a kind. Were these couples choosing to have these aspects in their big day or was it just the norm. Did they know what the traditions, words, dances really stood for?

These questions led me on a quest for answers. As a newbie, I knew the only way to get the insight I needed was jumping right in. I volunteered to do events pro bono, read hundreds of wedding books, spent hours each day studying blogs of all types, magazines and you tube channels. Although I did learn a mecca of wonderful facts and lovely eye candy the little detective in me still wanted to make them more accessible to people as curious as I was. I wanted to share what I learned. 

That is how The Bridal Encyclopedia was born. I have a vision for eventually being a site where questioning couples can visit, type in any word or idea they are confused about and get a funny, lighthearted, fact filled (don't worry it will still be sparkly and pretty) answer to their query. I use my growing experience, my clients, family and friends as resources. I'm looking forward to the day when other planners, designers, brides and regular folks feel the need to contribute. 

Thanks for checking us out!


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